It started out as a sweet smashmouth blend. A SoCal raised Ph.D living in the Midwest. A Midwest raised air force brat professional living in SoCal for the past twenty years. Stir in a SoCal raised pastor turned actuary living in New York City. Sprinkle in an Arizona Devil with a passion for uniforms. Weird? Indeed. Insightful? Right again.

Meet the Authors:


Albert-Einstein-2I love a championship parade, walks on the beach, solid prose, and dropping serious sports knowledge on innocents below. Here’s what the other Frappe contributors have to say about me:

Money Mouth: “He taught me everything I know about stuntin’. Wait. We’re talking about Jay-Z, right?”

Young Gun:  “I’ve never actually met him. I don’t even know what he looks like. Is that a picture of Einstein? Could be him. I don’t know.”

BiCoastal Bias: “Years ago, I dated this man’s daughter; he still wants to write this sports blog with me; a truer friend I cannot find.”

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Money Mouth

Money MouthSup, playas? If you don’t appreciate some good-natured trash talking, then I’d say you and I won’t get along all that well. Here’s what the other Frappe contributors have to say about me:

IntrinsicBent:  “He pops collars, shreds dollars, and makes those with lesser sports takes holler.”

Young Gun:  “He’s just alright. We are legal brothers from another mother… He married my sister, which is whatever.”

BiCoastal Bias: “This man eats Double Stuff Oreos whole, without paying heed to the natural separation between cream and cookie. None of his sports takes make sense until you understand this fact.”



Bicoastal Bias

BiCoastal Bias I like strong coffee, and logical discussion, sometimes at the same time. Here’s what the other Frappe contributors have to say about me:

IntrinsicBent: “First off, he needs to stop talking about my daughter (call me). He’s a mathematician who wants to be a mathematician magician. As co-founder and godfather of The Frappe, he got the joke. His brother won a State football championship ring. Oh yeah, and his beard is rumored to write most of his posts.”

Money Mouth: “We’re brothers from the same mother. Aside from the fact that when I was 5 he traded me a Topps Jose Canseco for Bo Jackson, straight up, you should also know he once threw a shot put over our neighbors fence and into their pool.”

Young Gun: “A pretty good read.  Better than Money Mouth.”

Young Gun

I come from the generation that invented the word swag, so depending on who you ask, I know nothing about anything.  But I know every 1999 opening day starter for all 30 MLB teams and other useless sports facts.  I love Twitter as much as the other guys hate it so anything hashtag-related will come from yours truly.

IntrinsicBent: “I hear he’s always wanted to be like me, and has basically patterned his whole life after mine. I’ve also heard he has a Fathead of me on his bedroom wall. You may say weird, I say smart.”

Money Mouth: “He’s the brother I never asked for but am forced to live with around the holidays. I will say though, his meme game is on point.”


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