The Curse Buster

Who you gonna call?

Theo Epstein, if you have a beloved MLB franchise that purportedly is prevented from World Series glory due to some mumbo jumbo curse.alg-theo-epstein-cubs-logo-jpg

Now I know I’m waaaay ahead of things. Just because the Cubs clinched their first ever NLDS this week since playing at Wrigley Field does not mean they have the World Series wrapped up. The Cubbies were impressive in their 3-1 series drubbing of a veteran St. Louis Cardinals team though. And they do seem to have that new Cub smell.

Some believe that it is actually destiny for the Cubs to win the World Series since Marty McFly went to the future of 2015 in Back to the Future II and saw it proclaimed on a billboard.

But, there’s a long road to travel still. It’s been 107 years since they’ve had a title. The alleged source of the curse is due to the Cubs’ diss of a local tavern owner in 1945 by asking him to remove his goat from Wrigley Field. It seems the goat stunk and was upsetting the attendees. The goat’s owner’s name was …. wait for it …. Billy, who then proceeded to curse the Cubs by saying they would never win a World Series at Wrigley Field.

Many folks believe in this curse. There have been many attempts to break it, through weird means which include having Billy The Curser’s grandson make a proclamation that he was lifting the curse. But there has never even been an NLDS title at Wrigley until this season’s young Cub players paid no heed to these wives’ tales of lore and made things happen on the field.

This curse business is very familiar territory for the Cub’s President of Baseball Operations, Theo Epstein.

theo-epstein-to-the-cubsIn 2002, he was hired as the youngest General Manager in MLB history by the Boston Red Sox at the age of 28. The BoSox were under a curse of their own referred to as The Curse of the Bambino that had lasted 86 years. This due the unwise sale of Babe Ruth by the Red Sox to their arch rivals, The New York Yankees.

The BoSox went on to win the 2004, and the 2007 World Series while Epstein was at the helm.

If the Chicago Cubs can win the series while he’s the Boss, it will make him the official Curse Buster. Then I guess his next stop will be Cleveland where the Indians have not won a World Series in 67 seasons. Maybe not though. There is no curse associated with their underachieving.

My favorite Epstein story was when he was in Boston and evaded reporters by wearing a gorilla suit. He had announced he was leaving the Red Sox (this only lasted a few months) on Halloween 2005. A reporter figured out Epstein’s escape plan, when he reported seeing a gorilla leaving the park in a Volvo like the one that Epstein drove.

This post is dedicated to my boy Roosh, a long suffering Cubbies fan.

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