How To Sports Fan

This post will help you and your whole lineage of sports descendants after you be a better quality of sports fan.

I was travelling a few weeks ago, as I’m prone to do. I was talking to a friend and our discussion took us to sports. We did what dudes do when we really want to dig in deep and strengthen our relationship. We discussed the history of who our teams were, and the reasons behind why we loved them.american-football

I talked about how I aggressively followed the teams my Dad followed as a kid, and the fact that they were teams that had prominent Okies on them. (I’m from the Indian Territory of Oklahoma, USA) Then I talked about who my teams were now, and almost defensively, why I changed my allegiance.

I sat pensively, as this semi-waffle could have ended our relationship, or worse, cause a raid of the Man Police resulting in the revocation of my Man Card.

He then shared with me a rule that was the law in his family.

You are allowed a childhood team that you follow, which is usually highly influenced by the team your Dad follows. Then you are allowed ONE adult change and that is IT.

Any variance beyond this causes familial disgrace and probably means you aren’t welcome at the family Thanksgiving gathering.

In this current environment of mamby pamby hipster culture, this is a rule I suggest you, and your family, follow immediately.

You’re welcome.

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