Sports Douche of The Week: Greg Hardy

This post deals with two firsts for The Sports Frappe. And we’re not excited about either one.

The first first (is that right?) is that we’re awarding this dubious award to someone that was involved in a previous Sports Douche of The Week award last March. This proves Darwin, the Galapagos island, and finches were all wrong about evolution.

The second first (is that right?) is that we’re giving this award as a two-fer, meaning it’s good for last week AND this week.

Greg Hardy just doesn’t get it, Man. The former Carolina Panthers and current Dallas Cowboy defensive player was convicted on two counts of domestic violence. Assault and communicating (death) threats, which included throwing a woman onto a bed filled with guns.

Sounds like a scene out of Scarface, right?  America and The Frappe both believe in second chances. But there has to be contrition and outward signs of making changes to be a better person.

Problem is, Hardy does not appear to be interested in displaying remorse or proving that he’s a changed man. Instead he’s projecting more of an Aaron Hernandez kind of vibe. And we all know how that can turn out.

Before his first game back after a suspension of over a year, he was asked if his return was more about football or proving who he could be as a man. He was quoted as saying  “I hope I come out guns blazing. I’m full of excitement and full of juice. I’m ready to go.”  Really, Greg? Guns blazing?

Probably just a nervous bad choice of words, right?  Nope, he had more to say:


Instead he opts for a creepy stalker, women are objects, kind of response.

Then TMZ gets involved (never a good thing) and turns up a rap video he was in that featured it’s fair share of guns and strippers. And bad mouthing his haters. The video was made after his domestic violence convictions.

greghardyrap Hardy did get 2 of the 5 first half sacks levied against Brady in last Sunday’s game against the Patriots, showing that his football game is on course. Let’s hope he can wake up and not recreate past mistakes in his personal life.

We’d truly like to see him get another first here at The Sports Frappe. Getting a Sports Douche of the Week award, and then later receiving a Sports Hero of the Week award.

Get it done, Greg.


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