Sports Douche Of The Week: The Dallas Cowboys

cowboysNothing says “we won’t tolerate violence against women in this league” like picking up a perpetrator of violence against women, and then working the spin cycle all over our faces.

A mere six months ago, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said domestic violence was “intolerable”. To folks like you and me, we’d consider that a stance and stand by it. But, if you’re a guy that pushes million dollar bills around for a living and thinks disassembling your moral compass whenever you’d like is a viable option, you see opportunity. Your defense needs a guy, and there’s a pro bowl level guy sitting out there on the cheap. So this week, you snatch that dude up. And the Cowboys did.

The player here is ex-Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy. His back story is sordid. He was dropped by the Panthers last season stemming from a domestic violence incident and has not seen game time since the first game of the 2014 season. Many teams considered him untouchable because of his behavioral baggage.

When the Cowboys are asked the hard question, which in this case is simply “why?”, they start talking about an “incentive laden 1 year contract” that will force Hardy to conform to change (they’re here to help), in order for him to make up to $13 million bones this season. The base salary is $745,000. The incentives were said to be based on “a workout bonus, per game roster bonuses and incentives.” Translation: Mambo dogface to the banana patch (Steve Martin reference alert).

Since the case here is that one man equals the team and the team equals one man, we’re not just going to give this award to Jones. The whole team that dons the lone star on their helmet get to share in this fail.




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