Marshall Henderson:American Baller Abroad

Whether you’re talking about the legal or the basketball variety, Marshall Henderson has spent time in both types of courts. His life is an American tale of talent, failure, opportunities, constant movement, and most importantly, representing.

We’ll skip the legal court side of things and just say DRUGS.

What’s more compelling is the extent of the 24 year old shooting guard’s journey. He was a baller in high school. He was sought by a number of above average college basketball programs finally deciding on Utah. He would be linked to a total of 4 different colleges, one of them being of the junior college type. He ended his college playing days at Ole Miss.

He went undrafted in the 2014 NBA draft. Undaunted, he simply began a tour of international leagues. This past year he’s played in the Italian, Qatari, and now Iraqi League.

The Iraqi League.

Back to Back

It could be, with his legal woes he is really trying to shock himself into a new reality. Maybe he wants to cleanse his life’s palate. He could be punishing himself to teach himself an uncomfortable lesson. Maybe he wants a reboot. Sounds like there’s no better place than the Iraqi League to mix things up. Electricity fades in and out. You hear gunshots in the city sometimes. You sit around in your room instead of going out because Iraq is outside. There is a huge drought of women in the stands, because Iraq.

If he wants to blend in with his new surroundings, he’s doing it wrong. He’s not blending into the scenery by wearing what everyone else is wearing. He’s Marshall Henderson, he’s confident, and American, and he will totally wear a t-shirt on the court in Iraq that proudly states “Back to Back USA World War Champs” on them.

They’re going to love this kId. That part of the world seems to really be into freedom of expression.


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