Selling Pizzas Full-Time Will Have To Wait- Manning To Return To Broncos For 2015

Jacksonville Jaguars v Denver Broncos‘Better intangibles, better pedigree, Peyton Manning.’

There’s no online ordering platform, home delivery service or take-out menu for NFL teams to find successful quarterbacks, so the Denver Broncos are quite happy that Peyton Manning will be back in 2015, even though the legendary signal-caller is almost 39 years old.

Peyton Manning informed Broncos team officials this morning that he will take roughly a $5 million cut in his salary and return for his 15th season in the NFL, and third with the Broncos.  Manning started all 16 games for the Broncos last year and even though his production was down from his 2013 record-breaking season in which he threw 55 touchdown pass, Manning was still selected to the Pro Bowl with a completion percentage of 66.2%, throwing for 4727 yards, 39 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

Manning is an absolute mega-star on and off the field and his long list of endorsement deals had to make it a little easier for Manning to take a pay cut and lighten the load for Denver with his monstrous salary.  Among his deals with Nationwide Insurance and Reebok,  Manning owns 25 Papa Johns Pizza franchises and is a company spokesman.  Manning was slated to make just under $20 million if he returned this upcoming season and he know will make less than his brother Eli, Drew Brees and Tony Romo, among other NFL quarterbacks.

Will this be the right move for the Bronco’s franchise, though?  The oldest quarterback to ever lead his team to a Super Bowl victory is the current Broncos president, John Elway.  He did it at the age of 38, Manning’s current age(although he turns 39 in two weeks).  Elway and Manning seem to have a firm professional relationship and have both publicly stated their admiration for each other, as well as their belief that this Broncos roster is capable of winning it all.  Elway won two-straight Super Bowls for the Broncos before retiring and becoming a team executive.

Manning, has just one ring(one less than his little brother, Eli) and is gunning for a second to allow him to ride into the retirement sunset a winner, just like his boss did.


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