Can Russell Westbrook Be Like Mike?


Can Russell Westbrook be the next Michael Jordan?

He’s sure playing like it!

Westbrook is the first player to score 40+ points, grab 10+ rebounds and dish out 10+ assists in consecutive games since ‘MJ’ achieved that feat in April of 1989.  Westbrook has amassed 4 consecutive triple-doubles which is the longest streak since, you guessed it, Jordan had seven in also in 1989.

There’s no question Westbrook is the most explosive and competitive player we have in the game today, which brings us to the Jordan comparisons given those were also ‘MJ’s best attributes when he was just a 23-year-old youngster tearing up the league in ’89.  Time will tell if Westbrook can reach the level at which Jordan competed at every night of his career with Bulls, but it’s fun to imagine ‘Russ’ becoming as big of a star as his dominant predecessor.

What would that look like?




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