Diamondbacks Fans Better Bring Their Appetites This Year

B_RzaT5W8AAbWEA.jpg-largeThere’s a new way to get fat at Chase Field this season.  The Arizona Diamondbacks announced a brand-new menu item to their ballpark concession stands today, this time under the desert category.  Following the success of their 18-inch, $25 corn dog labeled the ‘Dbacks Dog,’ the newest behemoth concession item Diamondbacks fans will get a chance to concur is the ‘Churro Dog.’

This gigantic, desert treat features a warm cinnamon churro, inside of a chocolate-glazed, long-john donut bun, topped with vanilla-flavored frozen yogurt(woo! Health movement!), finished with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauces.  The calorie count for this desert is an estimated 1,117 calories.  The Churro Dog will cost fans $8.50 and if the popularity of the Dbacks Dog was any indication of how this treat will sell this season(the Diamondbacks sold over 9,500 Dbacks Dog last season), then the Diamondbacks concessionaires better start ‘churning out churros’ as fast as they can.


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