Chris Paul Wrong For Using Pronoun


It’s days like this when I feel weary with associating myself with being a human being.

The Sports Frappe is a content generating madhouse, but don’t ever expect the standard “blah blah blah..blah blah blah blah” mindless kind. We’ve railed for years about the sports talking heads that turn nothing into something just so they can fill their blogs and talk shows with regurgitation.

This happened again last night when Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul was T’d up during a disagreement over a call. That happens every night, right? So what’s the problem? The problem is that when recapping the incident after the game, Paul ended his recap by saying:

“(referring to the technical foul call) That’s ridiculous. If that’s the case, this might not be for her.”


Anyone with a Twitter account, and at least one thumb put on their PC police uniform and started pounding Paul with their keyboard night sticks.

How was he supposed to refer to the rookie referee, Lauren Holtkamp? “Him?” “That referee?” “That dude?” “That chick?”

It’s ridiculous. Players and refs are like water and oil. In the middle of competition in an NBA game, they never see eye to eye. Often, that friction carries over to post game Q&A. Especially when the player and team lost the game, like Paul and the Clippers did.

What’s even more disgraceful, is the NBA referee’s union quickly skinning their knees jumping on the critical bandwagon alongside every beat writer trying to create an angle.

If you google “Chris Paul Referee” there’s an ESPN article whose headline reads “Chris Paul rips female rookie ref”.

Every sports talk show today turned the issue inside out giving their stale takes of whether or not they thought Paul was a heman woman hater.

Before tonight’s Clippers game, Paul was asked over and over about the incident and appeared more bewildered than Mike Piazza when he had to call a press conference to confirm his sexual orientation.

Cue Allen Iverson’s famous rant about practice: “I mean, what are we talking about here, Man? We’re talking about a pronoun.”



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