Kyrie’s Crossover – Cavs Have Won 11-Straight

LeBron’s new running-mate has officially arrived.  Most would say Cavs’ point guard Kyrie Irving had his ‘coming-out party’ to the basketball world in last year’s All-Star Game, in which he came off the bench and won the game’s MVP award as a member of the East squad. But there were still question marks coming into the season on whether or not LeBron had a legitimate running-mate in Irving.

There’s been some hurdles and speed bumps.

The Cavaliers were 19-20 three weeks ago, but since a three-team trade that bolstered their wing positions and LeBron’s return from a back and knee injury, the Cavs are on a roll.  The team has won 11-straight games, by and average margin of 12.5 ppt –and LeBron is back and healthy, doing ‘LeBron things.’

But the real story is Irving, who was named the Eastern Conference’s player of the week last week and had this mesmerizing crossover last night vs. the woeful Sixers.


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