The 2015 Slam Dunk Contest Field Is Set – Highlights

The Sprite Slam Dunk Contest field is set for 2015 All-Star Saturday Night.  The four high-flyers selected by the NBA are of the particularly young variety(the average age of the dunkers is 21), so they should have lots of ‘bounce’ in those legs for the competition.  But is every competitor worthy of earning a spot as the best dunker in the league?  Let’s check out some highlights

Zach LaVine – Minnesota – 6’5″  Analysis:  This kid could win it all.  He’s got long arms, a thin frame and is the perfect size for this competition.  And he’s got some absolute ‘bounce'(a pre-requisite for this thing, I know)- just check out these impressive videos from an equally impressive rookie season.

Mason Plumlee – Brooklyn – 6’10” Analysis:  Plumlee will have a tough time in the contest.  It’s harder for big guys (6’9″ or taller) to look graceful in the air or be creative, because with longer legs, they simply aren’t in the air as long.  One thing’s for sure, he dunks with power, as the videos below will show you.

Giannis Antetokounmpo – Milwaukee – 6′ 11″  Analysis:  Giannis is your dark horse.  He’s basically a mix between Plumlee and LaVine, which could be good or bad.  He is 6’11″(maybe 7-feet), but his leaping ability and frame match that of LaVine.  Giannis is the most athletic player in the competition and will have some unpredictably creative dunks that much is sure.  Get a taste of Giannis below.

Victor Oladipo – Orlando – 6’4″  Analysis:  Oladipo is also freakishly athletic, and maybe the favorite in the competition.  He may even be more athletic than Giannis but doesn’t have the jarring height and wingspan.  Olapido’s best attribute is his speed and power, which will give him lots of lift and force going towards the rim.  He’s not as tall as the other competitors but can still win this competition. See what I mean below.


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