Kelly Clarkson And The Lakers

As a Laker-hater, it’s great to see them struggle this year.  In other words, ‘SOME PEOPLE WAIT A LIFETIME, FOR A MOMENT LIKE THIS!’

‘Kelly Clarkson’ is just about the most exciting thing to happen to the Lakers all season.  With the team losing last night, bringing their record to a brutal 12-32, there’s no hope in ‘La-La Land’ for the Lakers’ faithful.  Showtime is gone, especially with Kobe Bryant’s season ending surgery for a torn rotator cuff.  Those covering the team look for anything of interest these days to report on for the Lakers.

Well, last night young players Ryan Kelly and Jordan Clarkson gave those Lakers beat writers something to sing about!  With the team huddling for a timeout as the local LA telecast went to commercial, these two Laker rotation players got together and gave us a hilarious Simon Cowell-esque moment to chuckle about.  It was picked up on local news outlets and then went viral.


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