Will Ferrell Drills Pelicans’ Cheerleader In The Face With Basketball

Wacky things are happening on basketball courts, thanks in part to future Hollywood movies.  Last night, at half time of a game between the Lakers and Pelicans at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, comedian Will Ferrell made an on-court cameo.  With the cameras rolling and the whole crowd watching, Ferrell pulled a hilarious stunt, shown below.

The stunt was completely planned, and part of an upcoming movie starring Ferrell, and Mark Wahlberg titled, Daddy’s HomeFerrell’s character was to attempt a half-court shot flanked by the Pelicans’ cheerleaders on either side of him.  Instead of firing away at the basket, Ferrell fired away at the cheerleader nearest him, hitting her square in the face and sending her tumbling to the ground.  The scene ends with Ferrell being dragged out of the arena by fake security.  Here is some more coverage of last nights footage.

This is not the first time Ferrell has pull off shenanigans at basketball arenas.  And here.


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