Tom Brady Talks But Doesn’t Take Blame

B7_DN3LCUAA6TDWThe look above says it all.  The New England Patriots, and their legendary quarterback aren’t talking.  After Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick spoke this morning and denied being responsible for the team’s wrong doing, deflected all responsibility for the deflated footballs to his quarterback.  All eyes were set on an afternoon press conference Patriots’ officials called for Brady.  After being delayed twice, Tom Brady took to the podium and said he had no knowledge of how 10 of 12 team footballs became deflated during the Patriots’ 45-7 drubbing of the Colts in the AFC Championship.

This was a perfect opportunity for the legendary quarterback with multiple Super Bowl victories to come clean and take blame for those footballs being illegally to deflated to lower PSI levels than the league allows.  The entire organization has been defiant, but most importantly Brady’s press conference today gave us no insight on who responsible for this breach of the rules.  Most of those who have weighed in, including John Madden, claim the quarterback, in this case Brady, would have to be to blame.  We agree.

Tom- You don’t achieve what you have achieved and play as long as you have without knowing exactly how your football’s feel at all time.  Be a man and come clean.


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