Edelman Creates ‘Growing Pats’ Video

*Here’s some heartwarming, non-‘Deflate Gate’ Patriots news! Refreshing, right?! We know.*

Most weeks Tom Brady wins Thursdays with his hilarious #TBT posts on his personal Facebook fan page.  We’ve seen candid amusement park ride pictures, his bare-all NFL Combine photo and even his college resume.  But today, the best ‘Thowback Thursday’ belongs to his favorite target, Patriots’ WR Julian Edelman, who created a spoof of the famous Growing Pains sitcom opening credits affectionately titled, ‘Growing Pats.’  Featuring his Patriots teammates and coach Bill Belichick, it perfectly illustrates the visual growth of many of the members of the Patriots.  Apparently Edelman knows how to use some video editing software. Nicely done! Check it out below:


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