2015 NBA All-Star Game Starting Lineups Set

The votes are in and the starters are set.  Tonight, the Inside the NBA crew announced the East and West starting lineups for the 2015 NBA All-Star Game in New York City.  This year marked many firsts for the NBA All-Star voting, including giving fans the opportunity to vote for every single player in the league(rather than a suggested pool of players, selected by the league), voting via text message and this year, the NBA even let fans cast votes through tweets and Instagram posts.  Observers thought this might buck common themes and trends with fan voting, and it may have made a difference.  In the final few weeks, Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry surpassed Dwyane Wade with the amount of votes needed to be name a starting guard for the East.  There was also a ‘twin-sized’ surprise at the center position for both teams.

Brothers Pau and Marc Gasol have their teams competing at very high levels, with both players’ squads firmly entrenched in the playoff race.  Marc will be a ‘frontcourt’ starter for the West representing the Memphis Grizzlies, a team in third place in the Western Conference with a 30-12 record.  This is Gasol’s second All-Star appearance and first as a starter.  His older brother, Pau, has aided his Chicago Bulls team to a 27-16 record and the fourth spot in the East.  Pau’s play in the East has earned his fifth All-Star appearance; his first as a starter.  No word yet on whether the Gasol’s mother has been named ‘All-Star Team Mom.’  Here’s the complete list of 2015 NBA All-Star starters.

Eastern Conference:

Frontcourt: Pau Gasol (Chicago, 5th All-Star appearance, 1st time as a starter), LeBron James (Cleveland, 11th All-Star appearance, 11th time as a starter), Carmelo Anthony (New York, 8th All-Star appearance, 7th time as a starter)

Backcourt: John Wall (Washington, 2nd All-Star appearance, 1st time as a starter), Kyle Lowry (Toronto, 1st All-Star appearance, 1st time as a starter)

Western Conference:

Frontcourt: Marc Gasol (Memphis, 2nd All-Star appearance, 1st time as a starter), Blake Griffin (L.A. Clippers, 5th All-Star appearance, 4th time as a starter), Anthony Davis (New Orleans, 2nd All-Star appearance, 1st time as a starter)

Backcourt: Stephen Curry (Golden State, 2nd All-Star appearance, 2nd time as a starter), Kobe Bryant (L.A. Lakers, 15th All-Star appearance, 15th time as a starter)

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