The Patriots And ‘Deflate Gate’ – Reaction

AFC Championship - Indianapolis Colts v New England PatriotsIt’s hard to know what to make of the situation regarding the New England Patriots and their tactic of deflating of 11 of their 12 game ball for the AFC Championship Game.  Was this practice of getting an edge spear-headed by their maniacally competitive coach, Bill Belichick?  It’s also hard to imagine what would’ve happened if they would’ve followed the rules(we’re assuming they didn’t).  Would the score have been much closer(Patriots won in a rout, 45-7)?  Surely they still would’ve won, right?  Who knows.

In a time when any NFL player or league Insider can voice their opinion or bring to light their experiences via Twitter, let’s look at a round-up of what people in the know are saying.

Let’s start with the confirmation of the report, via ESPN NFL Insider, Chris Mortensen:

Panthers’ kicker Graham Gano gets technical with psi levels in footballs(via CBS Sports NFL writer, Will Brinson):

Sounds like the officials weren’t on the ball… no pun intended. Via Yahoo! Sports columnist, Dan Wetzel:

ESPN NFL writer Kevin Seifert, outlines the inimum punishment for an infraction like this:

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reminds us that it’s been a rough year for the NFL:

And finally, the greatest receiver in NFL history, Jerry Rice weighs in:


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