Dunking Is Hard, And Dangerous

Let’s get something straight.  No one on The Sports Frappe staff can dunk.  I mean, we named our blog ‘The Sports Frappe’ for crying out loud!  Assuming any of us ever got in the game during our high school basketball careers, our roles consisted of mainly boxing out, running the exact diagramed plays our coach would bark out and taking an occasional mid-range jump shot with near perfect form taken right from the ‘Better Shooting Technique’ VHS tape we’d watch over and over.  But take this from us: dunking is not only hard, but also dangerous.

The Vine video above, affectionately titled, ‘You Ain’t Jordan Boy,’ is a cautionary tale of a young, University of Florida forward, driving the lane, taking off from way out of range and realizing he wasn’t Michael Jordan from Space Jam.  This caused him to throw the ball at a minimal trajectory(but excessive force) at the rim and it ended up with the ball in the hands of the other team and the embarrassed wanna-be dunker on the hardwood.

This next Vine video had glory written all over it.  In fact, Utah State guard Jojo McGlaston earned the spot of the number 1 top play on Sports Center’s Top 10 for this vicious dunk… because they cut the video before the impending doom happened.  Let’s just say the extended version of this play will also garner the NOT top spot in Sports Center’s Not Top 10 as McGlaston, was under-cut after his rim-hanging celebration and landed square on his back on the way down.  Don’t worry he was able to run off the floor.

Last but certainly not least, in a showdown of top-10 PAC 12 teams, Utah center Jeremy Olsen ran a pick and roll to perfection with his point guard.  On his trip to the basket with a wide open lane, Olsen received a bounce pass from his teammate and emphatically slammed the ball home, quieting the Arizona crowed.  Like the other two Vine videos above, Olsen landed back-first on the hardwood with virtually no outside help in losing his balance 10 feet up.

Moral of the story is, dunking is hard, and dangerous… We assume.


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