Houston Baptist And The Greatest Uniform Of All time


The Houston Baptist Huskies men’s basketball hasn’t made a lot of noise this year.  Let’s be honest, you probably never ever heard of the Houston Baptist Huskies men’s basketball team.  They are Division 1, and members of the Southland Conference and did make an NCAA tournament appearance way back in 1983.  Eight years later, Ron Cottrell took over as head coach and he still coaches the team today.  Coach Cottrell is one of the longest-tenured coaches in college basketball, and if the uniforms his team wore tonight vs. University of New Orleans were his idea, we should put this guy in the College Basketball Hall of Fame IMMEDIATELY.

Where to begin?  Not only does the team’s home throwback jersey they wore tonight feature classic blue and orange-striped trim but the best part of the uniform has to be the playful, vintage Husky, happily dribbling a basketball in stride, and wearing a basketball uniform of it’s own, and sneakers, obviously.  The other truly wonderful piece of the Huskies uniform tonight, are the blue and orange thick-striped, alternating panels going all the way around the shorts.  The shorts are a definite nod to the Harlem Globetrotters and they are definitely awesome.

In the sports world these days where teams and leagues are out to ‘one-up’ each other with ‘one-off uniforms,’ normally the ‘haves’ always trump the ‘have nots.’  But with a true retro look and feel, Houston Baptist has out-done everyone with a simplistic, unique style.  The shock value of these jerseys and mis-matching shorts also gives them extra points.  Hopefully they wear these beauties the rest of the year, and hopefully they win all of those games and punch their ticket to ‘the dance.’  It’d put them through on my bracket, solely for the uniforms!

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