Sports Hero Of The Week: Kalai Santos

Isn’t kind of sad that the latest Sports Douche Of The Week came from the high school ranks?  Well order in humanity has been restored!  This week’s Sports Hero Of The Week also comes high school: and it’s Punahou School’s Kalai Santos, from Honolulu, HI.

With just seconds left in the game, Punahou School trailed their rival school Saint Louis by two points, and was forced to inbound the ball from the opposing team’s baseline.  When the in-bounder couldn’t find an open teammate across half court, Santos retreated back to the ball, caught it ‘free throw line-extended,’ and heaved it towards the basket.  The hilarity in this video is the packed gym of students and spectators falling completely silent with the ball in the air.  As the basketball falls through the hoop, pandemonium sets in and the gym erupts into cheers.

The shot gave Punahou a 59-58 win over their rival and Kalai Santos propelled himself to The Sports Frappe’s Sports Hero Of The Week.


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