Skate Boxing

Zdeno Chara Punks Brendan Smith

We here at the Frappe tend to avoid sports that no one cares about and at the very top of that list are hockey and boxing. As we see it, hockey is for Canadians, and boxing is the outdated form of MMA.  No need to debate this. You know I’m right.

So why not fix both these sports and combine the two? A sports mashup, if you will. Eliminate the part of hockey that no one really cares about (i.e. the actual game itself), and emphasize the part everyone loves: fighting. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Skate Boxing. And who better to lead this sport to its glory than 6’8″ NHL superstar (I use this term loosely), Zdeno Chara.

Enjoy this knockout from this past week, and tell me I’m not onto something brilliant here:


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