Would You Rather Be Benched Or Grounded?

doc-austin-rivers-flat-haatsThe Los Angeles Clippers were involved in a three-team NBA trade this afternoon which involved the Clippers sending reserve shooting guard Reggie Bullock to Phoenix, the Suns trading their third-string center Shavlik Randolph to Boston, and the Clippers receiving Austin Rivers, a third-year guard from Duke.  Not an earth shattering move by any means, as no player was a starter for their former team or averages over 10 points per game.  But the Clippers are marking a first in NBA history with this trade as the player they acquired in Rivers happens to be the only son of the team’s coach and general manager, Doc Rivers.

Doc Rivers has made a name for himself as one of the best coaches in basketball over the past decade, after turning around the same Boston franchise that traded Doc’s son to him, bringing the Celtics their first championship in 20 years and establishing them as an Eastern Conference power.  Rivers was wooed to Los Angeles by a young, talented Clippers roster and was given opportunity by the organization of having the ability to coach and make the team’s personnel decisions as the Clippers’ GM.

This power Rivers has allowed him to move the pieces necessary to be able to acquire his son Austin and also coach him. Austin Rivers has been up and down in his 2+ seasons in the league with New Orleans and Boston, and with the Clippers flux of guards, it remains to be seen how Doc will develop his son.  On things for sure, this situation is very unique to the NBA and we’re sure Mrs. Rivers is happy.

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