Did The Cowboys Create McDonald’s’ New Ad Campaign?

dMcDonald’s has been pulling out all the stops in their first(of what is sure to be many) ad campaigns of 2015, in an attempt to win back casual customers and raise sales numbers that have been predominately flat across the U.S. for a few straight years.  One of their latest marketing efforts involves a commercial that has gone viral on YouTube and other media outlets over the past few weeks in an effort to show that the company and their restaurants are deeply rooted in the communities they serve.  The video shows various McDonald’s that have compelling or heartwarming messages inscribe in the light boxes below their famous golden arches.

Another(unrelated) video that has gone viral this month is that of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, and the inexplicable call by the NFL officials in that game that robbed him of an amazing, season defining reception on a fourth down, court quarter play.  Fans have been pretty upset across the county and protests have been showing up everywhere of people showing their displeasure of the call, including a McDonald’s franchise outside of Dallas that is clearly owned by a Cowboys fan.

When you view the link of this Cowboys highlight it takes to you NFL.com and their McDonald’s-sponsored highlight page… Is all of this a coincidence, or a mystifying french fry & football conspiracy?  You be the judge.

On a semi-related note, Chad Ocho-Cinco told Dez Bryant to eat McDonald’s on his birthday last November and McDonald’s responded to the tweet as you can see.  I don’t know what it means either…


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