Sports Douche Of The Week: Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson Arroyo ValleyIt takes a special amount of sports douchery to revive an award that’s been laying dormant for 5 1/2 years, but then again, Michael Anderson is an extraordinarily unique kind of douche.

This week Michael Anderson, coach of the Arroyo Valley High School women’s basketball team, “coached” his team to a 161 – 2 victory over Bloomington High School. That’s right: 161 to TWO!

I use the verb “coached” loosely here as this is anything but a coaching performance. Anderson kept his starters in for the entire first half, putting on a full-court press until the score was 104 – 1 at the end of the second quarter. Instead of finding some compassion and a shred of sensibility by bringing it down a notch, he then made his bench play a half-court trap for the 3rd quarter.

When asked to comment, Anderson said, ““The game just got away from me.”

So did your ability to cover up your douchey-ness.  Congratulations, Michael Anderson. You, sir, are a douche!


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