Headbutters Gonna Butt

There’s usually nothing funnier than an NBA scuffle. As long as that scuffle doesn’t include Rudy Tomjanovich, that is.

For the most part, it’s a patty cake kind of push me I push you scenario.

That happened again tonight except the brouhaha involved Nets Forward Kevin Garnett, who seems to be the original author of the statement “I don’t play that” (sorry Homey the Clown).

Houston Rockets big man and villain Dwight Howard battled for low post position with KG and at the end of the play, KG gives a little push to Howard, who retaliates with a slap on Garnett’s chest prompting KG to place a chest pass into his back. Howard seems to pucker his lips and walk towards Garnett and receives a headbutt in the mouth for his troubles.

Violence is never the answer, Kids.

The funny part starts at 0:25 when Garnett grabs his head with an “I wish I could get to him” expression on his face and mouth and then tries to sneak around the circle of chaos he helped create to get back at Howard.

People seem to always love Superman. Not so much Dwight Howard.


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