The Jay Cutler Vortex

The following is a list of head coaches who have fallen victim to the Jay Cutler vortex:Jay
Mike Shanahan
Lovie Smith
Marc Trestman
And you could even throw in Josh McDaniels, who was so afraid of the vortex that he instead rolled the dice with starting QBs Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow; and we know how that turned out.

Then we could list offensive coordinators (Ron Turner, Mike Martz, Mike Tice, and Aaron Kromer), and even general managers that have fallen victim to the vortex (Jim Goodman, Jerry Angelo, and Phil Emory). But the truly interesting development is that the vortex is primed to take on its first repeat victim: Mike Shanahan wants to go for another spin! Shanahan probably thinks he can use what he learned during his last loss to the vortex to master it, but he’s wrong. The vortex only grows stronger with each victim, and with its 120 million dollar deal, the vortex turns in ways Shanahan has never seen before.

For some reason, coaches and executives can’t resist the vortex; and they all fail in the same way as their predecessors did. Most have the good sense to stay clear afterwards. To Mike Shanahan, I can only say: I hope you enjoy the ride!


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