Introducing The Oregon Raiders

Green and yellow.

Green and yellow, Nike!  How can you forget that?  Oregon’s school colors!  Half of your staff has their degree from Oregon.  You bankroll their athletic department!  A little black helmet is fine sometimes, some shiny silver is hip in college football: but to wear a uniform in the biggest sporting event in college sports(and possibly second only to the Super Bowl with the expected ratings) on the biggest of stages that doesn’t have school colors anywhere?  Not wise.  Not wise for Oregon’s branding and nationwide recognition, and not even wise for Nike, either.  With a company so wrapped up in their image and selling merchandise(can’t blame them), this is not a look that will garner the most attention and excitement, much less revenue from jersey and apparel sales.

‘One-off’ special uniforms are commonplace in college football and usually met with much enthusiasm, especially if Nike designs them.  But the Rose Bowl uniform design for the Ducks by the Swoosh was met with such high praise, even the Rose Bowl broadcast team couldn’t help but mention their look a few times.  The all green look with yellow hints of color were a hit and got national attention for it’s modern flare and respect for Oregon’s classic brand.  Green and yellow is a color combination that might be the most unique, and rarest in all sports.

In any event(you know, like the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPGAME- where all eyes will be on your school), here are some more looks of the Oregon(and CLASSIC Ohio State) uniforms for the Championship.  See why I called them the Raiders?  They picked the wrong colors of a team that plays in the Coliseum…

badb7eab5f4baf723655f5bf5abb4f8a_original[1] B6mRrljIQAABVFg[1] 7446c0a49d86c2111ab13419c5f1d1c6_original[1] 2c2319bed192900b2a1cb213c922e810_crop_north[1] B6mTjUaCIAA33yH[1]




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