The Pulse: Do What Shawn Oakman Says

You now know who Shawn Oakman is.  Thanks Twitter!

(Side note: The founders of The Frappe shutter every time I refer to Twitter as my news source or my ‘pulse of the nation.’  Get over it.  My name’s ‘The Young Gun’ not ‘Old Man Rivers.’ Welcome to 2014.) Oops. 2015.

The Baylor Bears’ defensive end is now an internet sensation due to his big-screen closeup during the Cotton Bowl on New Year’s Day.  Oakman is(affectionately) a JARRING SPECIMEN OF HUMAN NATURE.  He’s 22 years old, weighs 280 pounds and standing 6’9″ tall, he would stand out in a crowd regardless of the situation.  He hasn’t exactly been a national conversation piece on the field for the Baylor Football squad this season, until now.

A picture of Oakman surfaced Twitter yesterday, taken from the AT&T Stadium mega-screen, showing Oakman towering over his opponents with a menacing look, a Megatron-like facemask, and a chiseled frame peaking out from his uniform.  His jersey doesn’t even fit!  It only took one(or one thousand) semi-funny faux dialogues(matched up with the picture) to pop up before Shawn Oakman’s name had over a half a million hits on Google and 300,000 on Twitter.  Some of the best response are below, but here’s my contribution:

Me: I’m gonna post a Shawn Oakman meme tweet.

Shawn Oakman: No.

Me: Okay sorry Shawn. But at least your mom didn’t spell it Sean…


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