The Fat Lady

Hey Sports Fanatics and Addicts, Uncle Intrinsic is back to drop a little wisdom on you.

Radio and TV talking heads need to once again check themselves. All day Friday on sports talk radio and TV I heard that the Cardinals were done, and the foregone conclusion was that the Rangers would sweep the next 3 games at home and repeat as World Series Champs.

Whoaaaaa Nelly………

We know after Game 3 that the Cardinals are not yet ready to just hand it over, and also were not in the shambles the “experts” predicted they were in.

The highlight of last night’s 16-7 drubbing of the Rangers of course was the Cards first baseman Albert Pujols tying Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth’s record for homeruns in a World Series game with three. In a row.

In this 140 character brave new world of communications and expectations, this lesson is supported with the Friday comments and theories of the “experts”:

  • Skipper Tony La Russa was too big of a gambler with his pitching changes and cost the Cards Game 2 and most probably, the 2011 World Series.
  • Albert Pujols proved he was not a leader because he didn’t talk to the media after the close, come from behind loss dealt by the Rangers.
  • Albert Pujols lost the game and possibly the series by botching a cut-off play that any little leaguer could have navigated.
  • The Rangers play too well at home for the Cards to have a shot.
  • There was a curse because alleged juicer Mark McGwire was a Cards coach.
Ok, I made the last one up. See how easily you were starting to be deceived?
I really don’t care who wins this series. I do want you to be smart enough to know that sports, and life, is about taking risks. Depending on how those risks develop and turn out, real players have to deal with being the hero or the goat.
Mediocrity accepts the safe and sane. Kind of like a firework that squeals and sparkles, but never leaves the ground or is spectacular.

Spit your truth

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