It’s So Easy…….An Octopus Can Do It?

Those of you that are veteran readers of The Frappe know that I am no fan of the sport affectionately known by the world outside the U.S. as “football”.

I’ve heard all the arguments from the proponents of soccer. I’ve read the statistics of it’s increase in popularity.  I noticed the wide array of people from all walks of life that followed America’s journey in this year’s World Cup.  This weekend I drove past a local park where AYSO (youth soccer) signups were occuring and saw roughly 60 people lined up to destroy their kids sign their kids up.  Against my will, I was forced to learn what a vuvuzela was.

As compelling as some of that is, how can I enjoy a slow paced, low scoring game where the majority of the players can only run around “bending it” without the use of their hands?  I would rather go to that same local park and watch people play hacky sack. There’s only slightly less scoring there.

I caught myself beginning to allow my mind to open to this “sport”. I had to slam it shut again when I found that someone/thing had picked the winner of 10 0ut 10 (that’s 100% to you and me) of this year’s contests including the final match.

A dude named Paul did in fact make perfect picks.  Paul is an octopus. ‘Nuff said.


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