Why Other Countries Hate Us

Pomp and Circumstance
Fireworks that blatantly rub our dominance in England’s, and therefore the rest of the world’s face.
The McRib
The paper or plastic option
NBA players stating they want to be billionaires
Las Vegas

Brett Favre’s indecisiveness

These all qualify as reasons why the world hates America.

Add to that list the fact that we own the competitive eating game via one Mr. Joey “Jaws” Chestnut. Other countries hate that we own this “sport” that is the epitome of hipness, freedom, gluttony, and the thug life.
Who didn’t think that it was about to go down when all of 128 bucks (58 kg) of Takeru Kobayashi hopped on the platform at this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest trying to steal some of Joey Chestnut’s glory? Was he going to make it rain condiments?  Knock over the little cups of water? Steal the mustard colored WWE like trophy belt and run away?
We will never know the answers to these questions because he was abducted and spent the night in the tank before getting charged with  obstruction of governmental administration, resisting arrest, trespassing and disorderly conduct.
You can’t bum rush an important American event and then think you can force participation in a post 9/11 world. Especially that close to the 4th of July holiday. The debacle was described with such words as “mayhem”, “berserk”, “unprofessional”, and even “unsavory”.
Chestnut won the event by quaffing 54 dogs in 10 minutes.

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