Dodger Fans Are Weak

There’s some lunacy going on in SoCal at the moment that the Frappe nation needs to be aware of.

Dodger fans have clearly lost their mind.  Whether calling in to sports talk radio, talking in the streets, or being interviewed on TV, they are distributing……no other way to describe it……..crazy talk.

The craziness begins after some form of the question “If you make it to the World Series, would you rather play the New York Yankees or the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim?

About 1% (data is unscientific) of the fans answer with “I’d love to play the Angels so we can prove who the true L.A. team is.”  Ok, we can all get with that answer.

The problem comes with the prevailing majority of the responses:
“I hope we play the Yankees for the history of it.” Really?  The Dodgers and Yankees have matched up in the Series before. A Freeway Series would be true history, BECAUSE IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.
“I hope we play the Yankees so Joe Torre can try to beat his former team.” 
“It’s ok if we play against the Angels because I follow both teams.” That’s like being married and having a girlfriend.  You’re really not genuinely invested in either, just selfishly taking what is most attractive to you at the time.  And no, it’s not ok to have a “National League Team” and an “American League Team”.

The only reason to not root for a Dodgers v. Angels World Series if you are a SoCal is fear.  Fear that if it were to happen that it would be the disappointing snoozefest that the 2000 Freeway World Series was between the Yankees and Mets.

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