Attn Bud Selig: You suck!

Game 3 of the NLDS in Colorado has been postponed today, October 10, because of snow and ice. There is no one to blame but one – Bud Selig.

No, Selig does not control the weather. But he does have a major role in setting up the schedule. This season ended late because of one of his pet projects, the World Baseball Classic, took place in the spring. On top of that, the playoffs started at least a day later than normal, because of another of his pet projects – bending over backwards to make Fox television happy.

Mr. Selig, this is ridiculous. If playing the games on days that Fox doesn’t prefer – or scheduling games to take place before midnight eastern time – means less money in television revenue, THEN SO BE IT. This is a summer sport, and the playoffs are meant for early October. This year we are guaranteed to have at least one World Series game in November. Who knows what that will be like if the Rockies go all the way this year? We are very lucky that two west coast teams appear to be headed to the next round – and that the northeast is not experiencing the same weather as the Rocky Mountains are currently.

Our request is simple, Mr. Selig – think about the fans and the betterment of the game. Not the owners’ pocketbooks.


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