Shaq Calls Out Hong Man Choi

NBA All Star and future Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal must already be bored in his offseason.  Or maybe he just has some pent up frustration that his ex wife Kobe Bryant just received jewelry from other men.
Either way, he just called out the giant that ruined Jose “Juice And Tell” Canseco’s mma debut last month.  You remember this fight for the ages:

The only cool part of this fight is when Choi picks him up at the end of the beatdown and looks like a Dad picking up his little son.

True MMA fans desperately need you to understand that we don’t care for these sideshow type fights by “only in it for the buck” promoters.  It’s not what the sport is really about.

But Shaq should be careful before calling out Hong Man Choi.  The guy is a veteran mixed martial arts fighter who has had a number of real fights.  In fact, even though his size and weight are anomalies, Choi fought some decent battles before he had the huge tumor removed that had caused his abnormal growth.

Shaq outweighs Choi by about 10 pounds, but gives up 2″ in height, and no telling how much reach.  I think I can confidently say he probably doesn’t have much mma training under his belt.  We know he swings a bit like a girl (remember Brad Miller?).

Looks like Shaq is going to leave his career as he came in: multitasking.  When he came into the league, he was a baller, poor rapper, and horrible actor.  Now he wants to leave as a policeman, broadcaster, and mma fighter.

I’ll tell you who is miserable about this is the Phoenix Suns. They reportedly are trying to trade Shaq and his bloated last year of contract worth $25 million to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  They literally would have the wrong side of $25 million riding on this fight.

I doubt it will happen but am past being weary of rockers, boxers, football players, baseball players, and now basketball players thinking that MMA is some kind of retirement activity.

MMA Daddy is on loan from Smashmouth MMA.


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