Indians Enlist Bird, Win In 10

The elements are a part of outdoor sports that you cannot predict nor control.  Nature has involved itself in sports ever since the first caveman picked up a round rock and began practicing his aim.

We’ve seen plagues of gnats in a baseball game, fog in an NFL game, and even an earthquake present itself during a World Series.

Birds are big sports fans as well and are always present at ballparks, whether they are getting blown up by Randy Johnson, or affecting the outcome of an extra inning game like they did tonight.

The Cleveland Indians clawed back to tie a game against the Kansas City Royals and enter extra innings.  In the bottom of the 10th inning, Indians OF Shin-Soo Choo hits a shot up the middle, clips a seagull that was in the outfield with a bunch of other seagulls, whereby scoring the winning run.

This outcome totally screwed this guy’s guess at the outcome of the game.


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