One Puppet Down, One Left Standing

After a powerhouse best NBA record season, the biggest shock of the 2009 playoffs was the elimination of Lebron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavs swept through their first two rounds of playoff action against Detroit and Atlanta without losing a game.  Then they ran into a gritty, live and die by the 3 point shot Orlando Magic.

The Cavs came within a second of being swept by the Magic when none other than King James nailed a 3 to win game 2.  The Cleveland team continued their slide until their must win game 5 when they rallied and beat the Magic.  They could not hold off Orlando in the next game though and now have to sit and watch.

It seemed a unanimous conclusion by NBA pundits everywhere that this year’s playoffs would result in a Lebron v. Kobe championship for the ages.  Vitamin Water and Nike bet millions in marketing this inevitable duel………….too far in advance.

On the Western Conference side of the bracket, the Los Angeles Lakers have looked anything but invincible, struggling in see saw fashion against the talent depleted Houston Rockets and then the Chauncey Billups infused Denver Nuggets.

They looked like the championship possible team they have been billed to be when they decisively clinched their Western Conference Championship. 

Will the rolling Orlando Magic play Dr Jekyll, or Mr. Hyde when they begin play?  Will Dwight Howard show up in commercials now as a puppet with Vitamin Water in hand?

Who knows?


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