Disappointing – to say the least

We were promised the next Michael Jordan. But none of Jordan’s Bulls teams would’ve gotten ripped like the Cavaliers got ripped tonight.

Really, this is not LeBron’s fault. He obviously didn’t dominate tonight – but he can’t be all over the court and you can hardly blame one player for a double digit loss, even the league MVP. The Cavs had no answer for Dwight Howard, they couldn’t even box him out – he made them look absolutely ridiculous.

At this point, I am not even going to complain about LeBron’s supporting cast. The blame for this disappointing finish has a lot to do with Coach Mike Brown. Can anyone tell me how he was chosen as the NBA’s coach of the year? For what? Not getting in LeBron’s way for most of the season? Defensively, the Cavs often looked one step slow, like they either didn’t fully understand the scheme or the Magic were just seeing through it. Offensively, does is seem like the Cavs are a little too eager to pass? Three years ago, I criticized Coach Brown for doing basically nothing in terms of offensive playcalling – now it seems like the Cavs would be better served by just firing the ball a bit quicker during each possession.

But really, even criticizing the coach is not fair – the Magic were the better team. And that’s what gets lost in all the hype of the NBA today, in the search for the next Jordan, we forget that the better team often beats the best player. I cannot wait to see what happens once LeBron James gets in a system with a real coach and a supporting cast to match. But until then – we witnesses will have to settle for the flashes of brilliance and the promise of a better future.

As for the Finals, I am a terrible predicter win it comes to the NBA, so I will just say, I think the Magic will keep it interesting. They are the best defensive team in the game and they have the offensive firepower to go with it.


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