Closeups Are Killing The NBA

Check out this email we received from reader Gabe:

“I don’t have a blog but something has been killing me so if you want to put it on there go right ahead.

The NBA has been trying and succeeding to fix its image internationally and nationally ever since the Dream Team of the crotch grabbers (Kemp etc.).

With King James, KB24, D Wade, and Dwight Howard (the real Superman, Shaq was a fake) of the league doing right for the league, why does the NBA feel the need to zoom in on players that curse after every big shot they make?

When a bench player like JR Smith hits a big shot or two, not only does the camera zoom in on him live to see him say “This is my motherf—— house” three times in a row, but they feel the need to play it in slow motion.

Being a HUGE NBA fan and a father, maybe I’m being a prude, a goo-die good. But I doubt this is what Naismith had in mind when he made this game up. A game that at 35 year old with 2 bad ankles, 1 bad knee, and a bad elbow plays for free any chance I can.

Enough with the close up on players that we all know are going to do this. Is this really for the ratings? I get that at this point personalities drive the NBA’s revenue and not just the game. But when is it going to stop? When will it be out of line?

This is not showmanship. This is a disgrace!

That’s all I got. I could go on & on, but you get the point. Now you will all notice this more and more.”

Reader Gabe gets it. Commissioner Stern take note.


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