NBA – Great Again

This NBA playoffs – I can honestly say I am loving the league as much as I ever have in the last decade.

Normally, I complain about the absurd length of the NBA playoffs. But this year, every round has featured “amazing.” In the first round, we saw the defending Celtics barely hold off the young Bulls. It was arguably the best first round match up ever, and yet it feels like forever ago because we have seen so much great basketball in the mean time.

Currently, I’m watching the Lakers lose game 4 of the conference championships to the Nuggets. The Lakers continue to play down to their opponents – it appears they are destined to win every-other game, which puts them winning game 7 to advance to the Finals.

On the other side of the ball, it appears that the Magic continue to play up to their opponents. Rising to the challenge against the Celtics, and now honestly looking like the better team against Cleveland.

Maybe the following opinion makes me an illegitimate basketball game – but an NBA Finals that does not include LeBron James would be a serious let down. This season has been defined by his elevated level of play (specifically on the defensive end), and by the amazing camraderie he has with his Cleveland teammates.

Putting that aside, I think it is great that we have four teams all playing so well right now. I honestly think any four of these teams could win a match up with anyone else. Mark this down, because if the Magic end up playing the Lakers, the sporting world will talk as if the Lakers are already being fitted for their championship win. But if the Magic can win a game 7 on the road against Boston, and then handle Cleveland like they have so far – they can beat anybody.


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