Jose Canseco Has No Future

I know I’m no MMA Daddy, but I do know that after I watched this clip that Jose Canseco has no future in Mixed Martial Arts. Sure, he was going against a man who is 7’2″, but he could have just as well been 5’6″ hopping on one leg. This fight made it rather obvious (which was more than obvious already) that Canseco is nothing but a chump looking for an easy paycheck.

On another note, does anyway else think these introductions look strangely similar to professional wrestling introductions? While I was watching this boring fight that lasted about a minute, I was waiting for the glass to break and Stone Cold Steve Austin to come running out. Quite frankly, if I were an MMA promoter, that is one similarity that I would be distancing myself from immedaitely.


3 thoughts on “Jose Canseco Has No Future

  1. You are right on Money.

    This type of sideshow spectacle does more to harm MMA than it does to promote it.

    Do you blame the promotion (in this case DREAM), or the participants? One of which who desperately needs his paydays?

    Write this down: Jose Canseco could not compete against someone his own size who was a dedicated mixed martial artist, much less a giant who does have skills.

    You are right as well in your comparisons with WWE. The results matter as about as much as far as this Daddy is concerned.

    It contrasts as the sad stepchild that it is when compared to UFC 98 which occurred two days previous.

    On another note, I shudder to think what Jose Canseco’s next means of pay might be.

    MMA Daddy


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