The rumors and allegations surrounding A-Roid A-Rod keep getting worse and worse.  SI is reporting that in a new book to be published this Monday about Alex Rodriguez, there are allegations that A-Rod used to intentionally tip pitches to opposing batters when playing for the Texas Rangers.  According to the report, A-Rod would do it to “friendly opponents” who would then return the favor in the middle of blowouts (i.e. already decided games).  It functioned as a slump-breaker and a stat-builder for the star.

If these allegations are true, then we are looking at a new low for both the images of A-Rod and Major League Baseball.  It’s already been problematic enough that confidential test results were leaked to the public, outing A-Rod as a steroid user during his time in Texas, but now to possibly unveil that his stats were also the product of direct cheating (rather than indirect cheating of steroids) is not something MLB is going to want to face.  The game simply can’t handle such a revelation, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear next to nothing from Selig on this matter.  He’ll just chalk it up to speculation if he has to and hope the story dies on its own.

As far as A-Rod, he now has some serious explaining to do.  I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is accessing the archives of Texas Rangers’ games in hopes of uncovering a pattern that would testify to A-Rod’s actions.  Such a project will not be easy and will certainly have to be done by some derranged Rangers’ fan who has a vendetta against A-Rod.  But if said derranged fan does see a pattern, you can be sure we’ll be hearing about it.  And I can guarantee you that with substantial proof, A-Rod’s career will be over. 

A few months ago I stood up for A-Rod and Tejada for their ties to performance-enhancing drugs given that they never tested positive again for a banned substance once MLB declared these substances illegal.  I think there is a clear difference of pre-2004 PED use and post-2003 PED use.  But tipping pitches to an opposing player so that they can throw you a bone the next time you are up is the most selfish act of cheating I have ever heard of.  This isn’t like putting Vaseline on your cap or a file in your glove to give you an edge against your opponent in hopes of helping your team win.  This is conspiracy material simply to boost one’s stats.  And for a team that habitually lost during A-Rod’s tenure, there were plenty of opportunities to make this happen. 

Get ready for Pete Rose, 2.0; his name is Alex Rodriguez. 


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