What Basketball Could Learn from Soccer

I am watching game 5 of the Celtics vs. Bulls playoff series – and I was just struck by a brilliant idea for a rule change in the NBA. But I’d like to bounce it off of you loyal Frappe readers before writing to commissioner Stern.

I know that some of you like the sport of soccer, and some of you think that soccer is lame – but I think we can all agree that there is one very cool rule that soccer can claim as its own. When a referee catches a player unnecessarily flopping to get a foul call, he can yellow card the player for bad acting. Why not do this in basketball?

Let me clarify one thing, I’m not particularly looking to penalize the defensive floppers looking to get a charging call – this would have put Vlade Divac out of a job back in his day. I am really thinking of the three point shooters who collapse backwards conveniently after they’ve released the ball. Often times they were not touched at all.

Usually, the refs are good enough to spot a flop, and don’t call anything, so it’s not like the game is being that negatively affected by this phenomenon. But honestly, I’m just annoyed. These floppers make the game look . . . wussier. And I’m not cool with that.


One thought on “What Basketball Could Learn from Soccer

  1. I’m definitely in favor of this rule, especially because how well it works in soccer. If someone fakes a flop, the deserve to receive a foul.

    On the other hand, I have no problem with playing up a minor touch to make it look like it was worse than it was in order to draw the foul. But there better be at least some contact.


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