Sports Douche of the Week

Josh Beckett. Check out this article, where Beckett claims there was “a lot of emotion” in yesterday’s game because of, you know, that recent “tragedy.”

Right Beckett, as if they can’t be mad simply because you tried to hit Abreu in the head after he called timeout. The Angels are just emotionally unstable right now.

Not only does the guy not show the least bit of remorse after firing a rocket at Abreu’s face, he has the nerve to get upset that the Angels were upset, and lastly he condescendingly offers up this excuse for their actions. Josh Beckett, you are a douche.


3 thoughts on “Sports Douche of the Week

  1. in the old days, if a pitcher did something so aggresive and undefendable, but after his catcher and the home plate umpire got in the face of the batter, he THEN gets extra chatty and his following actions are even more reprehensible, he would have had to step in the batter’s box and face his opponent –

    I completely agree with your premise – but Randy Johnson’s behavior straightened up when he went to the D-Backs – Pedro Martinez is another example of a jerk who was excused from responsibility —

    Beckett’s post game words showed his complete lack of responsibility for his actions – Amen, Professor Bias – this jerk personifies everything bad about baseball!


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