BiCoastal Bias NCAA Tournament Picks

Hello Frappeheads. It is the night before the NCAA tournament kicks off in full force, and I’m sure many of you are preparing schemes to watch the games without missing work tomorrow. Some of you might still be finishing up your brackets.

I love the fact that everyone has their own little habitual method to filling out their brackets. Personally, I go crazy with anticipation leading up to the selection show on Sunday. Then, when the bracket is finally available, I spend an hour or so filling it out. I always tell myself I’ll re-evaluate my initial picks, but I almost never change my minds.

So for those of you who are curious about the BiCoastal Bias’s advice (which is none of you), or for those of you who love mocking my picks after the fact (which most of you Big Ten fans wish you could do) here are a few gems:

Biggest First Round Upset: (3) Kansas will get knocked off by (14) North Dakota State. This is the first team from the state of N.D. to ever make the NCAA tournament. Multiple North Dakota State players have redshirted just to stay eligible for this season – NDSU’s first year of eligibility for March Madness. Kansas is experienced, but the entire state of North Dakota is excited.

Other First Round Upsets: I got (10) USC, (11) VCU, (12) Arizona, (9) Butler.

Final Four: I could fall flat on my face for this, but I have an all Big East Final Four, and it doesn’t even include Pittsburgh. My final four: Louisville, Villanova, UConn, and Syracuse. Louisville beats Villanova to win it all.

You read it here first.


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