Rematch Windmill Style

Tonight there was a rematch that rivaled that of the classic Foreman vs. Ali monumental battles.

Tonight in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), the Dominican Republic attempted to revenge a loss from last Saturday to the powerhouse slugger nation of……………the Netherlands.

However the star studded roster listing names like Willy Aybar, Jose Reyes, David Ortiz, Hanley Ramirez, Robinson Cano, Miguel Tejada, and Jose Guillen lost to the dutchmen for the second time in four days.

The Dominican Republic has taken some hits lately, what with the revelation the country is an alleged hotbed of PED’s (ala A-Rod) and further evidence of birth certificates being altered to shave years off players’ ages (ala most recent case ofVladimir Guerrero).

This loss to the Honkballers (no that is not an Intrinsicism) eliminates the Dominican Republic cast of all stars from the WBC completely, and has brought despair to the small West Indies nation. It has also killed the intrigue of an expected matchup between Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic which was anticipated in the next round.

When you read the recap, the clutch players’ names involved in the come from behind in the bottom of the 11th victory are the likes of Eugene Kingsale and Sidney De Jong.

No word on how deafening the celebration was in the parking lot after the game when the Dutch fans jumped and danced around en masse in their wooden shoes.

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