It is being reported today by ESPN radio that New York Yankee 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two anabolic steroids in 2003.
This was before the the MLB had a testing policy which included punitive actions.  The results were from testing done by Major League Baseball in 2003 to give them insight whether there was a problem with performance enhancing drugs in their sport.

Here’s where it begins to get greasy.  MLB never had intentions of the results of this testing to get out.  They coded the samples which were in a lab, and had the key to the codes (names and codes) in another office in a different state.  Seems the Feds are pretty good at the whole sleuthing game and after obtaining the information during a subpoena search, had no problem connecting the dots.

A-Rod’s comment was a wimpy statement of he won’t say anything and inquiries should go to the union about it.  The union is mum to this point as well. 

We need to officially turn the page on hoping that great players that came through the last decade and a half were anything but dirty.  Baseball, the sport that you could compare using the numbers of the game has forever been sullied and is left as a 3 stage sport: Before Testing (BT), During Drugging (DD), and After Testing (AT).

This latest finding also kills the all time home run record as many were hopeful that Rodriguez would smash this record and wipe away the stain that was Barry Bonds.

I say give everyone a pass, test the crap out of the players for every conceivable cheating mechanism, put real teeth in the punishment, and move on.

No word on whether or not Madonna or Joe Torre had any comments on this matter.


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