Cowher’s Stock Plumets
Since BiCoastal is in denial that there was championship football game played last week that didn’t involve “the genius” Bill Belichick and his beloved Patriots, I’ll do us all a favor and bring us back to the aftermath of one of the most amazing Super Bowl games I have ever witnessed.  And while I would like to point out that Boldin’s career is going down hill from here and make the bold prediction that Matt Leinart will once again return to the Super Bowl, I have to take a moment to talk about Bill Cowher.

Poor Bill Cowher.

It was only three seasons ago that Cowher was winning his first Super Bowl and vindicating his successful coaching career.  When Cowher retired after 15 seasons with the Steelers, he had won 8 division titles, secured ten playoff births, coached 6 AFC championship games and made two Super Bowl appearances.  And with the 2006 Super Bowl win, he had assured himself that if at anytime he wanted to coach football again after retiring in 2007, he could all but pick his team and name his asking price.

That is until Mike Tomlin came along and showed the world that Bill Cowher is overrated. 

With the Steelers’ win on Sunday, Tomlin has helped to reaffirm the growing trend in the NFL that you don’t need a big-time coach to lead your team to the Super Bowl, you just need a guy who can work within a good system.  Unfortunately for Cowher, that means he’s one week too late in announcing his return to coaching (there is/was an attractive position still available in Kansas City that would have fallen head-over-heels for a pre-Super Bowl XLIII Bill Cowher).  Now all he can hope for is a catastrophe of a season for the 2009 Steelers or else his stock is just going to continue to plumet. 

So the question is: why pay several million to hire Cowher as your head coach when you can use that several million to spread across a great coaching staff and probably produce just as good of an outcome?  I’ll let you chew on that one for a while. 


2 thoughts on “Cowher’s Stock Plumets

  1. The only reason why this Super Bowl was so amazingly close is that it was one of the worstly coached championship games in history. Pittsburgh had countless opportunities to blow that game out, and they didn’t, mostly because of poor coaching decisions. The Cardinals sideline also stunk – why didn’t they go no huddle earlier?I think Cowher’s stock stayed pretty even following that game.


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