Sports Douche of the Week

This week’s award goes hands down to Anquan Boldin.  At the end of the Arizona Cardinals biggest victory in franchise history, Boldin was so upset that he wasn’t in on the final 14 plays of the game that he refused to celebrate with his teammates and was reportedly seen leaving early via the back door.  That’s right: Boldin was so butt-hurt that he wasn’t used at the end of the game in which his team won the freakin’ NFC Championship that he passed on slapping five with his teammates and drinking some bubbly.     

This of course is just the culmination of a rocky season with Boldin, who started the season saying that he would never re-sign with the Cardinals after they failed to sign an extention with him.  And in consistent fashion, Boldin will try to keep these weeks leading up to the Super Bowl all about him and not about upsetting the Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII.    

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