It’s Rickey Time Henderson will be entering into the baseball Hall of Fame this year, and since I grew up idolizing the man (I wanted to be like Rickey so badly that after I read his autobiography in the 4th grade, I stole third when my coach gave me the red light because that was what Rickey would do), I thought I’d go ahead and write Rickey Henderson’s acceptance speech for him. Here it is:

“Thank you. Thank you. When Rickey Henderson heard that Rickey Henderson had be elected to the Hall of Fame, Rickey Henderson said, ‘Well of course Rickey Henderson was voted into the Hall of Fame.’ Rickey Henderson just can’t believe that 28 writers didn’t vote for Rickey Henderson. If Rickey Henderson could vote, even Rickey Henderson would have voted for Rickey Henderson. Rickey Henderson is the greatest offensive threat in the history of baseball. So Rickey Henderson thought Rickey Henderson would share some stories about Rickey Henderson today, but Rickey Henderson has already heard them all, so Rickey Henderson thought Rickey Henderson should ask one simple question. If Rickey Henderson signs with a team next season, because everyone knows Rickey Henderson can still out steal any leadoff hitter in the game right now, will Rickey Henderson still be in the Hall of Fame or will Rickey Henderson have to be put on probational status? Someone call Rickey Henderson with that answer because Rickey Henderson wants to know.

That’s pretty much all Rickey Henderson has to say about Rickey Henderson. Thank you. And, oh yeah, Rickey Henderson is the greatest of all time.”

My hat goes off to Rickey. I’m still pulling for a franchise to sign him this next season so that he can finish off his 300 homers. That may sound ridiculous given that he is now 50 years old, but if anyone could do it, I’d put my money on Rickey.


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